• Jay Lewallen

Where Did the Blog Go?

It has been awhile since I blogged. Matt and I have been so busy playing live that I have not had the focus needed to write something clever in this space. This may not be clever but it will qualify as an update!

Matt and I were in the studio today. We recorded tracks for 2 more original songs from the past: Hundred Dollar Guitar and Sunday Morning. I have gotten new inspiration on both and will add them to the live repertoire. I even added a new verse to Hundred Dollar Guitar. I also redid some vocals on Small Time Bandits for our recording. I hope to have a downloadable version of Small Time Bandits on the website soon. It will be the first, but hopefully, not the last song we can offer by download for free. Maybe when we are the Big Time Bandits, we will charge big money for downloadable songs. Uh, oh, I may have touched into the clever arena! The blog muse is back for the moment! As I like to say thanks for putting up with me.

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