Small Time Bandits is one of the nine lives of Jay Lewallen and Matt Berg focusing on original songs and a cross section of Americana music. In addition to those written by Jay and Matt, you will hear a variety of songs with everything from Johnny Cash to The Doors.

Jay (Lucky) Lewallen covers the guitar and vocals. Matt (Diego) Berg brings the bass guitar and keyboards. Between them, they create a musical landscape with stories of colorful characters, places and situations with maybe some insight and maybe not! Diego and Lucky chase silver dollars and open skies and be ready for some surprises.  

Come on along for the ride. You are sure to be entertained and amused by the joy of the music. The Bandits even have a theme song by Jay and Matt called Small Time Bandits. They perform weekly at Mayflower Pub in San Rafael CA every Thursday at 5:30 and at the Washoe House in Petaluma CA every Sunday at 5:00. Starting in June they will play the 1st and 3rd Fridays at Jason's in Greenbrae CA at 5:30.  

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