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October Rain

With this year's plentiful rains in October, I was inspired to write the song October Rain. I had previously driven under a low flying flock of geese and I knew that the visual would somehow make it into a song. When October Rain hit me, it seemed like the perfect way to kick this one off in the first verse.

If you live in the west, California in particular, you know the value of timely and consistent rain in the rainy season. If the storm pattern can start early in October there is a sense of relief. The fire season is more manageable and the seemingly ever present drought has a chance to turn around.

So this November and maybe for awhile longer, we can relax a little more and breathe a little easier knowing that some problems can be postponed. Hopefully the vibe of October Rain conveys this feeling of relief.

Very soon there will be an initial recording of vocals and guitar posted on the Music page soon as well as the lyrics on the Lyrics page. I would like to add keyboards and other instruments.

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