• Jay Lewallen

There is nothing like playing a live show

I have just returned from playing a live gig and I am in what I call the afterglow phase. My friend Chris says it lasts about 2 days for him. It is an overall feeling of positivity and possibilities. I remember the first time I performed playing guitar. I was in the 8th grade in the gym with about 20 other guitarists all strumming to a Christmas song (I wish I could remember which one). But, we had an audience and that made a big difference. When it was over I was full of energy and wanted to talk with everyone in sight. I still get that feeling.

I recall a bluegrass guitar player I met awhile back who played fast and clean. Delightful is a word that comes to mind to describe his playing. I was talking with him at the break of his show and I told him I played guitar in a band. He said, "Oh, you too are an adrenaline chaser". I had not thought about it that way before, but he is right. When you perform in front of an audience that is paying attention, you get a big dose of adrenaline. But, get this: he also told me, that in addition to playing guitar in a bluegrass band, he was a traveling preacher in Kentucky. I thought to myself, Holy Flatpick!, talk about an adrenaline chaser. This guy must drive to different churches, get out of his car and go in and give his congregation a good dose of that old time religion. I am sure he drives away from those churches in the afterglow phase.

I look forward to chasing some more adrenaline!

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