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Small Time Bandits

Small Time Bandits is a name me and Matt Berg have been kicking around for our current musical endeavor. Since this is the time of masks, we decided to play on that theme. It also seemed like a good idea for a story and song. Musically, I laugh to think that I have made the small time. And when I get paid, I remind myself that I am getting paid for playing music! Is that stealing? I think you get the drift.

I had a chord progression that I have been messing around with for awhile. It was like a chord progression searching for a song. Then Matt sent me a track he was working on that had a cool beat and the chord progression for a chorus that I liked. And it hit me. This is what my wandering chord progression needs. Matt had a faster beat than I was originally thinking and the chord change from D to Dm in the chorus is uncommon (advanced move!). Once we put everything together, we were off to the races.

Matt and I are using Studio One software (which was recommended to me by my engineering guru Michael Lyles) to record tracks and send them back and forth via Google Drive. Matt sent me the drum track and then I added the rhythm guitar and vocal tracks and sent those back to Matt. When I got it back, it not only had Matt's bass guitar, but he also played a piano track, an electric lead guitar track and harmony vocals. Holy Schmoly! We made a couple of slight adjustments and I added my acoustic lead guitar parts and bam, done! Matt really stepped up on all of these instruments and rocked the house on this one. I hope you like it!

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1 Comment

Cassidy Lewallen
Cassidy Lewallen
Jan 22, 2021

One of my favorites so far!

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