• Jay Lewallen

Onward and sideways!

The website is coming right along and we should have more songs added soon. All of the songs included on this website are original copyrighted materials (so don't try and steal anything!). I am bringing together years of songs written or co-written by me with performances by a number of bands and projects with a mix of live and studio recordings.

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Let's face it. Blogging is hard. It requires focus, discipline and creativity. And a desire to put yourself out there. I would rather put those things into songwriting. If I have something to say, I

With this year's plentiful rains in October, I was inspired to write the song October Rain. I had previously driven under a low flying flock of geese and I knew that the visual would somehow make it i

I am pumped to announce that Small Time Bandits new 6 song release called "All Over the Map" is now available on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Youtube and Amazon Music. The biggest of shout outs to Matt B