Written by Jay Lewallen

Copyright 2016

It really doesn’t matter what’s in the past

It only matters that it’s changing fast

Instead of getting up tight and tense

We’re  finally using some common sense

      The smoke has cleared,  the time has come

 I’d hoped to see it before I was done

Backwards thinking has run aground

It’s starting to happen just look around

Turns out I was right

Turns out it’s alright

Turns out it’s not like it was before

As it turns out

It’s Not Illegal Anymore

Some folks need a little medicine

If I get sick I’m gonna try me some

Hundred dollar doctor

Medical card

 He don’t ask questions that are very hard

My brother relies on his friends to score

But  mama goes down to the local store

The next  time we  meet  as a family

Why don’t we gather ourselves at the dispensary

Turn on the green cross light

Turn on it’s alright

Turn on to the open door

The  welcome mat is out

Cause It’s Not Illegal Anymore

   In the good old days you had to hide your stash    

Along with a big old bundle of cash

It’s one thing now to grow a weed

But to grow the best  another indeed

We used to hide ‘em in the bushes down by the lake

We  told the cops there must be a mistake

But now right here at home sweet home

The Sheriff helps us grow our own


Turns  out I was right

Turns out it’s alright

As it turns out it’s not like it was before

You don’t have to sneak around

Cause It’s Not Illegal Anymore


It’s Not Illegal Anymore

It’s Not Illegal Anymore

It’s Not Illegal Anymore

It’s Not Illegal Anymore





E  D#dim7   E   D#dim 7   E   D#dim7  C#m7  A6  

E  D#dim7  E  D#dim 7  E  D#dim7  D#dim7  Edim7  Fdim7  F#dim7



A7   G#7   G7   A7   G#7   G7   A7   G#7   G7   A7   B7