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Small Time Bandits

Written by Jay Lewallen & Matt Berg


We don’t shoot no guns to kill ya

We won’t stab a knife into ya

But the music plays til dawn

And then we’re up and gone

Ridin’ with the burglars and the cons

We’re lovers and we’re fighters

We’ll make your load much lighter

Smilin’ all the way

Jammin’ for our pay

Take the cash and quickly run away


We’re Small Time Bandits on a roll

Small Time Bandits going for gold

We’ll be in church on Sunday,

But hide your money Monday

We’re Small Time Bandits stealing the show


We don’t play no big arenas

Just a little shack in Phoenix

A hole in the wall

No bigger than a stall

Just for the thrill of it all

Redwoods to Albuquerque

Eatin’ beans and jerky

Blow the money easy

Play the music greasy

Fame and fortune

Down the road


Our horses never tire

We’re sitting by the fire

Singing songs of love

But watch out from above

You never know what’s waiting in the rough

We surely dig the music

We’ll keep the beat then lose it

Don’t be afraid to hang

With our smokin’ rag tag gang

Plucky lucky outlaws

Bang Bang



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