• Jay Lewallen


Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I often write songs by myself, but I really like writing with someone else. The process is more fun and social in a partnership. I have had 2 main collaborators over the years:

I started writing songs in college with my roommate and mentor Van Smathers. Van is one of a kind and helped me realize that writing songs is more of a way of life than a series of projects. Words and melodies just flow out of that fellow. Unfortunately, Van and I did not have the benefits of today's recording technology to capture many special musical moments. But, we sure had a good time! And we might still do something again. It ain't over!

I wrote many songs with Chris Martin. Chris and I worked together for a 10 year period and hit a nice groove of writing songs, exploring technology and recording that took me to a new level in many ways, Even though he knew a lot more than I did, he always asked me what I thought sounded good which made me sharpen my own instincts. I still play a lot of these songs. Chris is always busy with his band and numerous projects, but chances are we will find another opportunity to chase the magic.

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