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Written by Jay Lewallen

July 2020


There once was a king/Kiss the Ring
This particular king/Controlled everything

Lived in a castle/In a kingdom full of hassle

Built a tall tower/As a testament of power


The Royal Crown never gave any ground

Piles of Riches all around
Rollin’ in the shiny bling
Living life large like a fat ass king


Alfred leads his own parade

Alfred the greatest cavalcade

Alfred as far as you can see

Alfred it’s your destiny


King Alfred the Great/Liked to Pontificate
Pat him self on the back/And then blow his stack

Tell lies to terrorize/Through a thin disguise
With the queen by his side/Flashing her empty eyes


Alfred commands the family scam
With a heavy hand to rule the land
But something profound would turn him around

To be a better king and less of a clown

In the heat of June/Under the sun and the moon

There appeared a blackbird/That was seldom heard

Singing a song/Of a long time wrong
Would Alfred hear/The backwards cheer
And feel the sting/When the blackbirds sing

He made a choice/Heed the people’s voice

Share the wealth for the people’s health
Seize the day and give power away
And usher in a brand new day...showing the way

Alfred Hip Hooray Alfred you changed your ways

Alfred Found your dignity by giving up your history

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