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All Songs Copyright c. Jay Lewallen 1995 - 2023 All Rights Reserved

My name is Jay Lewallen and this is my website. It represents a lifetime of musical intake and the resulting song creation. I believe that music is real magic here on earth and binds people like nothing else. Music transcends! There is a spiritual and emotional investment in music that gets the juices flowing.

The initial focus of my website was on my original music and still is. But I have always played and loved songs written by my favorite musicians from our golden era of music. In my live performances I like to mix in many cover tunes, so I am adding a page called Cover Songlist with  a list of these songs that I play  regularly. Look for new recordings and videos of these cover tunes to be added soon. 

I hope you continue to enjoy the website and music. I feel that my craft is still evolving and improving with the insight of more and more of life’s experiences. May we all have the opportunity to chase our dreams and live in the artist zone.

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